Daily Journaling Practice for Clarity + Alignment by Sisters That Stray

Daily Journaling Practice for Clarity + Alignment

In this 2-day workshop, we'll teach you how to journal daily to allow your Spirit to step forward and peel back layers of self-discovery.

We'll teach you and guide you through our favorite prompts and exercises to remove communication blocks, gain clarity around your vision and channel your manifestation powers.

You will learn:

  • How to channel and harness your creativity and self-expression 
  • How to solidify and actualize your biggest goals and dreams 
  • How to reconnect to and meet with your Higher Self daily 

You will receive:
  • 2 Live Trainings + the recordings to revisit for life
  • 20 Journaling Prompts + Workbook 
  • Feedback from us and our community

Benefits of a Journaling Practice:

  •  optimizes your creative potential
  •  accelerates your ability to manifest your goals
  •  creates a springboard for daily recovery
  •  generates clarity and alignment
  •  clears your emotions
  •  ingrains your learning
  •  increases your gratitude
  •  unfolds the writer in you
  •  records your life history

Journaling Prompts + Workbook

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A Daily Journaling Practice for Clarity + Alignment
A Daily Journaling Practice.pdf
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Journaling Workshop: Day 1 Recording
Journaling Workshop: Day 2 Recording
21 Journaling Prompts
21 Journaling Prompts: PDF Download
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