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Light Warriors Rising Membership

Empowering Empathic Leaders.

Your support system for turning your sensitivity into your superpower! 

What is Light Warriors Rising?

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Empaths are DONE being the over-giving people pleasers of the world and are READY to form a new style of leadership.

One in which they protect their sacred energy, create soul connection, and feel the immense pleasure of nurturing community.

As an empath, you are highly capable of holding space for others and creating community. 

You naturally attract people into your aura. 

You are the natural nurturers of the planet.

Are you feeling the call to the step fully into your healing powers, but you don’t know where to begin?


You want to learn how to channel your empathic gifts as your superpowers 

You want a reliable way to process the energy you absorb from others.

You know you have gifts to share with the world, but don’t know where to start in building your own business or how to get those gifts out there to the right people 

You become drained or depleted when you spend time with other people or when you don’t have enough time alone, and you want to learn how to replenish your own energy easily and quickly 

You need guidance and direction on how to align with your soul’s purpose and the steps to take to truly step into it

You are ready to learn how to set and maintain boundaries in your life and how to communicate your empathic needs 

You are ready to find your voice and embody your fullest expression of you

You are ready to learn how to heal yourself and others with your empathic superpowers

Join us inside!


  • Transforming Your Sensitivity into Your Superpower 
  • Awakening The Empath’s Gift of Intuition
  • Conscious Business Foundations 
  • Embodied Conscious Leadership
  • Embodying Your Medicine and Unique Gifts 
  • Aligning With the Right Work + Relationships That Nourish You, Rather Than Deplete You

  • How to Harness Your Superpowers as an Empathic Leader
  • Energy Management Practices
  • Magnetic Mindset of a Conscious Leader
  • Building Authentic Community
  • Protecting Your Energy as a Leader and Healer
  • How to Amplify Your Impact 
  • Creating Sacred Boundaries



More Results from Members

After using the proven methods inside Light Warriors Rising, I can say that I am finally CLEAR on what my gifts are and how to use them! I am now leading my own women’s circles which I’ve dreamt of for years. Manda and Meleah plus the community of Light Warriors have given me the guidance and fuel I needed to believe in myself and move forward in my path.

I used to be fearful of judgement and rejection, but now I am totally confident in what I bring to the table and my leadership style. 
My biggest pain has definitely been around not implementing boundaries with others and protecting my energy. I was almost addicted to making sure I was well-liked, even though I didn’t like myself.

I was drawn by the authenticity of the community and the opportunity to learn about how to protect and replenish my energy.

Manda and Meleah gave me the tools I needed to leave an unfulfilling job and manifest a management position within a thriving company
Manda and Meleah helped me realize everything I needed to thrive and prosper as an empath was already within me - and my “empath tool belt” is now full of empowering and protective practices that I can use any time, any place. 
If you’re wondering if it’s worth the spending money, in my opinion, it absolutely is. You will be SO thankful you took that leap of faith and made your own personal growth a priority.
We interviewed one of our founding members of Light Warriors Rising about how having a community to learn with and from, to be vulnerable with and feel safe in –– has shaped her journey and given her clarity and confidence in her purpose; and how being a part of Light Warriors Rising has supported her in launching her own soulful business platform helping women heal the mother wound. 
Listen to the full episode on 2 Woke Sisters Podcast! 👇
Episode 16: How Cheyenne Launched Her Soulful Business


As a member you will have access to an intro video and assessment quiz that will help Manda and Meleah understand exactly where you are in your business and life so they can support you accordingly. You will also be guided through the first few pieces of content to avoid any overwhelm of the wealth of resources included in the membership portal. 

One of the key benefits of the Light Warriors Rising Membership is that the facilitators and founders, Manda and Meleah manning, are actively present with the members and provide office hours specifically to support the members.  You will not only have high value training but TWO high level mentors at your access!

This is your chance to get to know one another on an intimate level as well as be supported through specific topics that each month's mastermind is covering.  

These trainings add an additional layer of value to the community and the topics the guest experts teach on. 

Within the membership you also have access to additional libraries of content, such as replays of live video training, workshops, masterclasses, worksheets, and archives of PDFs that can be used as quick resources to help you expand + grow within your work and spiritual life.

The member portal is constantly evolving and a new module is added monthly.  The members have the opportunity to submit requests for specific topics and areas they would like training on.  

As a bonus of being a Light Warriors Rising Member, you have constant support right at your fingertips via our membership community space. Within this space you will have direct access to Manda and Meleah and the other members, giving you a chance to ask questions, get feedback, share your process, and receive additional value within the community group.

As a member, you receive a 20% discount on all 1:1 Coaching Services offered by Manda and Meleah. 

Join Light Warriors Rising!

Your IMPACT Will Grow As You Grow...

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Light Warriors Rising is about being a truly embodied leader -- and knowing the inner work will transform the outer world. 

Getting in touch with your sensitivity can be a liberating and transformative experience.

To embrace your empathic powers and thrive, you’ll need tools and strategies to manage your emotional world.

Light Warriors Rising is here to guide you in mastering your emotions, increasing your confidence + impact, and to give you a sense of purpose, direction, and belonging.

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Your Mentors

We are Manda and Meleah Manning, the founders of Sisters That Stray.  We are empath empowerment + conscious leadership coaches, embodiment facilitators, and spiritual wellness educators. We teach purpose-hungry souls how to reconnect to and remember who they are underneath it all so that they can move forward living in their heart-centered purpose.

Why we do this work...

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We do this work because we have struggled in the past with overwhelm, burnout, debilitating anxiety, feeling like a sponge to the world's problems, and allowing our own limiting stories to hold us back in creating a business and life that aligns with our values.

Three years ago, we were following someone else’s life path, working what we thought were our 'dream' jobs, while they were actually leaving us both drained and crushingly unfulfilled. 

Determined to live life on our own terms, we sold everything we owned in Denver, CO to set out on a soul-searching pilgrimage.

We spent the next three years, traveling the world and learning all we could about how to heal yourself, step into your soul’s calling, embody your medicine, and consciously lead from the heart. 

Now, we live, serve and run our business from an empowered place because we know how to share and channel our empathic gifts as our superpowers, without feeling drained and depleted all the time. 

And we’re ready to teach you all of this inside Light Warriors Rising...

Will you join us?

Empaths are beacons of light — when we unite together, our light gets brighter and stronger.

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